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18 Yo Isa Giving Head On Camera


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Added : April 2, 2014 Duration : 10:01 Views : 1613
Description :
We have an awesome little spinner today, 18 year old Isa from ASU. At 5'2 she's just the right size to plop on your cock and swing her around like a... like what? My powers of making analogies suck today. Must be because my head's not getting enough blood supply, if ya know what I mean. Yes, Isa is just super hot whack-off material. Those big eyes, shy and innocent demeanor - yum! Speaking of shy, her voice is so soft and her answers to Jay's interview questions so full of "I dunno what to say"-air, the whole interview and getting-to-know-her process had to be cut short. That's fine because it's clear Jay just wants to ravage our latin cutie as soon as possible. So other than a few bare necessities (losing her virginity, last time she's had sex...) it's all about the fuckin' today. Oh wait, almost forgot. So turns out Isa has never masturbated with toys before. Ever. Jay tells her he wants to use some toys on her, he sets up the cameras, and then she admits it'll be her first time. She's lucky the guy knows what he's doing. Will Isa experience her first-ever orgasm with a vibrator? Watch the video and find out! The Picture-in-Picture thumbnail image below should give you a clue LOL. OK, just one more hint: her eyes roll back when she's about to cum. And there's LOTS of eyes rolling back. Nuff said. Hehehe. One of my favorite things about having true first-timers on ECG is when it's beyond obvious that they're new. You know, the slightly awkward blowjobs where the girl still has to concentrate on what she's doing, the little sighs and moans when she tries not to cum ('cuz good girls don't cum on cam, don't you know LOL), and the involuntary head jerks when that massive load of semen first hits their pretty little faces. I love it when you can push them sexually, and they thank you for it. Isa delivers all that, and a lot more. I don't know if she has the stomach to shoot any more fuck flicks in the future, but I sure hope she keeps doing this. I want to see her dough-eyed face covered in cum again and again, is that so wrong? I'm tempted to check in with her in six months or so and see what she's doing. Maybe by then she's developed into a full fledged pornwhore who can take fifty cocks at once without batting an eye. For the time being though, enjoy watching a true first timer getting her porn cherry popped.
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