20 Year Old College Girl Cori

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That's One Spunky Redhead, Our 20 Year Old Cori. Jumping Up And Down On The Bed And Goofing Around Like She Owns The Place. Yeah, She's Comfortable With Herself, Alright. She's A Lot Of Fun And Open To To Just About Anything. She Lets Me Examine Her Insanely Goegous Pussy And Doesn't Mind Any Of Our Advances. It's Not Until A Little Later Until Her Boundaries Get Pushed Too Far. But It's Kinda Her Fault. You'll See. See, There's One Problem With Girls Who Think They Need To Prove Their Adventurousness To Everyone. They Push Themselves To Show Off How Nothing Fazes Them, Until The Point When It Does. From Cori's Total Coolness About The Whole Thing You Would Think That She's Basically A Little College Whore Who Fucks A Fraternity For Sport Every Night, But Pay Attention During The Interview And It Turns Out Cori Is Actually Surprisingly...ummm...innocent. Really, She's The Type That Teases And Flirts, Loves To Show Off Her Body, And Makes You Think She's Practically Sex On Legs. But Today Is Her Day To Prove H
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