Little Friends

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Ariana And Gabriella Used To Be Really Good Friends When They Were Younger But They’ve Grown Apart Over The Years. Gabriella Has Gotten A Bit Wild And Ariana Became Pretty Tame. When They Met This Time They Decided To Get To Know Each Other All Over Again. They Played A Game They Used To Play To See Who Was Taller. This Is The First Time Ariana Has Ever Won That. Gabriella Was Mad But Thought I Would Be Fun To Spice The Game Up And Play Again So She Stripped Off Ariana’s Dress And Exposed Her Petite Tight Body. Shy Little Ariana Was Nervous But Gabriella Laid Her Back On The Couch And Fingered And Licked Her Pussy. Then They Switched Roles And Ariana Wanted To Take Control! It’s Great To See Old Friends Reunited!