Tango Hardcore

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Reduced to its simplest form, the tango is merely a dance — two people moving to music. But beyond the movement, rhythm, steps, and tempo, tango is about passion, attraction, seduction, and the ultimate union of two individuals. In her latest SexArt HD erotic movie, director Jocelyn Joplin uses the style and symbolism of the tango to introduce two lovers — Gina Devine and Thomas Lee — to one another and to the audience. An admiring glance, an accepted offer, the dance begins. While the music pla ays their desire grows. And when the music stops they give in completely to that desire. In "El Tango de Gina Devine" the fiery passion of the legendary dance is only a prelude to the fevered lust they share. It takes two to tango, and these two take it to the limit. The dance floor beckons. The band begins the play. Welcome to..."El Tango de Gina Devine.